Information about the island of Crete

The island of Crete is of magnificent beauty and famous for its cultural traditions. The island has a rich historical background, lots of myths and legends. Locals’ hospitality reflects their love for life. Chania, which is the capital of Western Crete, offers you the chance to stroll around the city’s Venetian Harbour and admire the picturesque alleys where Venetian, Turkish and Byzantine style buildings dominate. The city has a long and important history which is noticeable if you pay a visit to its major sightseeing sites such as the Archaeological Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Light House, Shipyards (known as ‘Neoria’) and the exquisite covered Municipal Market. A big number of restaurants, bars, clubs, traditional beachfront restaurants and lots of modern shops found in Chania, boost the place’s contemporary image which is successfully combined with the traditional one. Villa Elvina is situated on the beach of Drapanias village, in Kissamos area in the northwestern part of the island, covering a 25-minute (drive) distance from the city of Chania. Kissamos, which is not far away from the villa, is famous for the unique beaches of Balos, Falasarna and Elafonissi. Exquisite and picturesque villages, gorges, 2000 NATURA areas are ideal for those of you who are interested in exploring enticing nature reserves by means of hiking and bicycle tours.

Drapanias village with a population of approximately 500 residents represents a combination of mountainous and seaside parts. The village’s settlement is located in the mountainous side where you can admire the place’s alluring alleys and the picturesque churches. A fabulous, full of olive groves path leads to the seaside part of the village, named Drapanias beach. The beach is surrounded by the 2 towering capes, Gramvousa and Spatha, which are situated in Kissamos bay of the Cretan sea. For the reason that Drapanias beach remains unspoiled by the influx of large numbers of tourists visiting the place every year, it offers you the opportunity to enjoy your swim in the place’s clean sea-waters, to relax sunbathing in a serene environment or take a pleasant walk along the seashore feeling carefree, picking pebbles and breathing the sea breeze. Alternatively, you can also enjoy your swim in a cosmopolitan environment created by beach bars and cafeterias which provide you with sunbeds and beach umbrellas. Also, you can taste the wide range of food of the fabulous Crete cuisine offered by the traditional restaurants of the place.

​Only 100 m far away from the villa, you will find a mini market which can cover a huge variety of your needs and food supplies. If you visit the village of Drapanias (1,5 klm away from the villa) you can also supply yourselves with goods from the local mini market and from some grocery stores as well. In a 3-kilometre distance from the villa, there is a town: Kastelli Kissamou which offers various services: a Health Center, Pharmacies (with the nearest Pharmacy only 800 m away from the villa), Doctor’s Offices, Supermarkets, Bakeries, Laundry/Ironing Services, Gas-Stations, Post-Offices, Banks equipped with ATMs. Villa Elvina’s road connection with Chania-Kissamos highway can be useful to those of you who do not have a vehicle and you wish to have access to taxis or to other transportation means (buses, for instance).

​There are pretty beach bars within walking distance from the villa for those of you wishing to indulge in a drink and relax either with the bars’ soft music or by listening to the enticing sounds coming from the sea. Alternatively, those of you wishing to experience a more intense and lively night life there is a great variety of bars, clubs and restaurants in the cosmopolitan area of Platanias, Agia Marina and of the old city of Chania.